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Why Are You Unemployed?

You probably think it is the devil or the very famous “Village people” but what if it is you? Ever thought about that? “Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result”, so goes the cliché. The workplace is constantly evolving, and to succeed, job seekers and unsatisfied employees must adapt to emerging trends. Let’s take a look at the recent trends in the workplace that are making employees stand out and why it’s essential to stay up-to-date with these shifts.

Recent global events have accelerated the adoption of remote work and flexible arrangements. Job seekers and employees who can effectively manage their responsibilities from different locations and time zones are increasingly valuable. Mastering remote collaboration tools, time management, and maintaining productivity are key skills in this era of flexible work.

What about Digital Literacy? It is no longer optional. Job seekers, who are proficient in using digital tools, data analysis, and emerging technologies like AI and automation are in high demand. Embracing lifelong learning in the digital realm is crucial for staying competitive. The importance of emotional intelligence (EQ) in the workplace also, cannot be overstated. When applicants and employees excel in areas like empathy, communication, and conflict resolution, it fosters a positive work environment, enhances team dynamics, and builds strong professional relationships.

The pace of change in the business world is relentless. When people can easily adapt to new challenges, learn from failures, and maintain resilience in the face of adversity, their organisations place them on the same radar as assets. Developing a growth mindset is a valuable skill. The most sought-after applicants and employees possess a blend of technical and soft skills. Hybrid skills, such as creativity paired with data analysis or technical expertise combined with strong communication skills, make individuals stand out in multidisciplinary roles.

As remote work continues to thrive, employees who excel in remote team collaboration, including effective communication, project management, and virtual leadership, are indispensable. Collaboration tools and digital project management skills are essential. Job seekers and employees who want to stay relevant will embrace lifelong learning. Continuous learning is the cornerstone of staying relevant in the labour world. Job seekers and employees who actively seek opportunities for upskilling and professional development demonstrate a commitment to personal and organizational growth, which gives them an edge over others.

In addition, there are free and paid-for training programmes available on different internet sites that equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills you need to get that dream job or stay on top of your game in your current position. Therefore, let the village people rest and the devil breathe because you are your limitation at this point. How much value have you added to yourself since the year began or in the last six months? Get that professional certification, become a member of that professional body and get access to information that will help you thrive in that career path.

Staying up-to-date with recent labour trends is a necessity for career growth and success. The Cedar STEM and Entrepreneurship Hub (CSEH) is an eclectic hub located at the heart of Lagos, set up for the advancement of young people in tech-related fields. It has partnered with Microsoft, LinkedIn, GitHub and other global brands to add immense value to society through training. You have all you need, make use of it.

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