The Cedar STEM

The Cedar STEM and Entrepreneurship Hub (CSEH) is an innovative community which hosts Entrepreneurs, Experts, Venture Capitalists and Investors in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) & Entrepreneurship fields.


About the Hub

CSEH acts as an incubation centre for information gathering, cross fertilisation of ideas, development of products & services and implementation of revolutionary plans by various strategies such as entrepreneurship training which involves product design, business development, sales, marketing, R&D, etc.

The goal of CSEH is to deliver STEM based solution for national development and socio-economic transformations.

Target Members

The Cedar STEM & Entrepreneurship Hub (CSEH) targets innovative minds from different institutions, Universities and STEM based organisations. Members will have the opportunity to use the Hub's facilities (Computers, Internet, Office Space, Conference rooms, etc) in carrying out their work, developing their ideas, skills and capabilities to create value.

Periodic Events

There will be periodic events such as industry based STEM analystics session holding at the CSEH centre. Industry professional, entrepreneur and innovators have the opportunity to present their business challenges to a community of STEM professionals and innovators who can offer them expert advisory services.


Members have the rare opportunity to meet with representatives of major organisations, government officials, mentors, coaches role models, angel investors, venue capitalist who will be interested to support bright ideas, projects and concepts. Access to grants, fund scholarships, etc can be sourced through the Hub network.

Meet New People & Grow Your Idea

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Contact Us

12, Jibowu Street, Jibowu Yaba, Lagos


Phone: +234 (1) 295 0173

Mobile: +234 (0) 816 433 9275

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