Digital Skills and Jobs of the Future

Digital Skills and Jobs of the Future

Around the world, 2020 has been a challenging year. Largely due to the effect of COVID – 19, many have lost their jobs as organizations moved digital. Never before has automation been more prevalent and the world more connected, which is increasingly one major step needed to foster economic recovery and improve access to new jobs and opportunities for African youths all over the world the expanded access to digital skills.

Whether you’re looking for a new job or want to start your own business; a professional looking to change careers to the tech industry or a leader in your area of specialty, digital skills are the key to success.

Despite the widespread recognition of the importance of these skills for the future in education policies, very few education systems have adapted to this reality. The teaching of the 21st century skills will be necessary for Africa to transform itself into a continent of growth and opportunity.

If we do not learn how to use and create with technology as well as follow the evolving trend of the digital era, we are sure to fall further behind and one of the keys to a genuinely inclusive recovery are programs to provide easier access to digital skills for people.

The digital world provides the infrastructure for people to work together to deliver better solutions, pursue and acquire new opportunities and prepare them to embrace more collaborative ways of working.

All these brings us to ‘Digital Skills and Jobs of The Future’ – An initiative of The Cedar STEM and Entrepreneurship Hub in collaboration with Lonadek and Microsoft

A Foresight to Eradicating Setbacks Associated with Limited Skill-Set

The digital world is developing at such a pace that you simply cannot control it. People want to be globally connected in STEM, TECH, Digital Skills, Innovative Solutions, Digital Transformation, Future of Work, Jobs, and lots more…. The question is HOW?

The Cedar STEM and Entrepreneurship hub in partnership with Lonadek and Microsoft, has just launched an initiative on October 31, 2020 to help 25 million people worldwide acquire the digital skills needed in a COVID-19 economy – to drive a Global Skills that will help them thrive in pressing times like this

Lonadek-Microsoft Webinar Launch

The initiative was launched with a webinar where we had experts thriving in top fastest-growing IT jobs in the world; these experts gave valuable insights into:

  • Global Opportunities in Digital Economies
  • Accelerating the attainment of the SDGs by 2030
  • Industries and roles that are emerging from new technology
  • Critical skills in organisations
  • Breaking into  virtual, remote and digital workforce and succeeding

Our special guests and speakers at the webinar were:

  • Jacky Wright – Chief Digital Officer Microsoft US
  • Yemi Orimolade – Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Microsoft MEA Philanthropies
  • Dr. Ibilola Amao (UK) – Principal Consultant, Lonadek Global Services
  • Mr. Harold Sinnott (USA) – Digital Transformation & AI, Expert
  • Naomi Ekpoki – Global Leader at United Nations & African Union. Youth Leadership and STEM Advocate
  • Mr. Dez Blanchfield (Sydney Australia) – Founder/CEO & Chief Data Scientist, Sociaall Inc
  • Samuel Jackson (NG) – Vision 2020 Project Officer: Moderator

By the end of the programme participants were introduced to Digital skills and how they can better equip themselves for the jobs of the future; Empowered to harness digital skills and better position themselves for opportunities all over the world; Through this programme, we were also able to build an ecosystem of digital entrepreneurs.

Among the participants of the webinar were: Youths, Executives, Project Managers, STEMpreneurs, TECHpreneurs and people who sought to be digitally inclined

The initiative is officially launched and is accessible – Start here to learn free relevant digital skills for jobs in-demand.

Lonadek - Microsoft Digital Skills
Get free access to all courses +International Certification

Get free access to the following courses:

  • Software Developer – (Programming, storage, networking, security, and deployment; HTML, CSS, SQL, Javascript, Python)
  • Sales Representative – (Negotiation, CRM, new business development, B2B, storytelling, social media)
  • Project Manager – (Program management, process improvement, project performance.)
  • IT Administrator – (Manage systems, subscriptions, configuration, and identity; Windows Server, Active Directory)
  • Customer Service Specialist – (Customer satisfaction & experience, data entry, CRM, admin analysis)
  • Digital Marketer – (Social media, content strategy, SEO, marketing channels; Google Analytics, Google Ads)
  • IT Support/ Helpdesk – (Troubleshooting, deployment; Active Directory, computer hardware, Microsoft Windows Server)
  • Data Analyst – (Data analysis, analytics, visualization; Microsoft Excel, SQL, BI, Tableau)
  • Financial Analyst – (Financial analysis, risk management, accounting, analytical skills, data analysis)
  • Graphic Designer – (Design systems, layout, color; Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)
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