How to Kickstart a Career in Digital Marketing

How to Kickstart a Career in Digital Marketing

The digital marketing industry is fast growing and has become incredibly competitive especially in the dawn of virtual work as a new normal. Having passion and the desire to learn what it takes to excel in this field is pretty much the key ingredient, needed to kickstart your career in this industry.

With precise details and straight to the point workable information, we will take you by the hand and guide you through steps, that will help you dive fully into digital marketing.

Let’s start with understanding who a digital marketer is.

A digital marketer is someone who is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing a Brand’s online presence and marketing campaigns aimed at promoting its services.

He or she plays a major role in enhancing the brand’s awareness within the digital space, acquiring leads as well as driving website traffic. A Digital marketer carries out a variety of tasks on a daily basis: Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Social Media Management and marketing, Content marketing, pay per click advertising, and more.

These tasks require a completely different set of skills and a good digital marketer should be competent in the knowledge of these tasks but should specialize in one area. This means, you should have a light level of knowledge across a wide variety of digital marketing skills, but have depth in one or two particular areas.

Education Outlook

There are a variety of free and paid online courses you can take. You will be required to complete an exam, which upon passing, a certificate will be given to you. You should as well complete your basic education.

A minimum of a bachelor in Marketing, Digital Media, or a related field and certifications in the field is definitely an asset. However, getting online certifications and taking courses and a passion for learning will also make anyone ready to be a Digital Marketer.

You can then build your portfolio by either taking up an internship or some freelancing projects to enhance your skills.

Other qualifications that can be a good stepping stone include:

  • Creative Writing, Journalism English literature: Those with degrees in any of these courses could make excellent content Marketers.
  • Web Design/Web development: Those with degrees in these courses might have a flair for SEO, PPC.
  • Business Studies
  • PR and Communication
  • Advertising
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Management and Psychology

Key Skills Required

It is important to acquire, a handful of skills specific to digital marketing tasks. Some of the key skills attributed to this role are:

  • Good content writing and communication skills.
  • Analytical and numerical skills.
  • Social media knowledge.
  • UX skills and understanding of the customer experience.
  • Persuasive skills.
  • Organization and project management skills.

Other skills that will come in handy include:

  • Goal setting and Time management skills
  • Content marketing skills.
  • Social Media Management.
  • Search engine optimization.

Opportunities Digital Marketing Offers You.

Digital Marketing Offers you a variety of job opportunities and exposure. Below are opportunities open to a digital marketer

  • Digital Marketing Manager.
  • Content Strategist
  • SEM and SEO Specialist
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • PPC Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Copywriter

Tips to Get Started

Let’s prep ourselves to dive fully into steps that will guarantee you stay afloat and remain buoyant in your digital marketing career.

1. Create an Online Presence

These days, when it involves landing jobs in almost any field, you would not exist without a web presence. A prospective employer goes online first to find out about applicants, and if they can’t find you, they are going to advance to the next available candidate who already has an online presence. Show them what you are capable of in the contents you dish out and the creativity you birth.

2. Know the Latest Trends

Digital marketing is always on the move and always changing. If you’re choosing it as a career, you would like to stay up with the newest trends. You can never know everything and willingness to learn new things will take you far. The needs of this industry vary over time, and if you fall behind, somebody else is more than happy to take your spot.

Attend virtual seminars, take online classes, and do your best to remain ahead of the game instead of simply maintaining it. Learn, adapt and relearn.

3. Use Your Creativity

Digital marketing really allows you to use your creative gifts in diverse ways. There are often times, you’ll need to add your personal flair to projects, making them creative and unique.

Digital marketing is built on creativity, so if you are all about getting yourself a JOB and not something you are passionate about, you will find yourself disappointed and frustrated in the long run. The more creative you are, the more likely it is that you are going to keep landing your dream jobs.

4. Network

Surround yourself with people way more talented than yourself if you want to be better. The more people you connect with, the more relationships you build, the conferences you attend will help enhance your knowledge. It will also be a great way to open doors to new opportunities.

5. Familiarize Yourself With the Art

To be a master of the art, you have to study the subject matter. There is an endless list of digital marketing terms you will need to master. SEO, SMM, Paying reference, and a whole lot. Your performance in this industry is directly dependent on your understanding of the industry’s jargon so to say.

6. Learn About Analytics

In order to understand how successful your marketing campaigns are, you need to grasp analytics. This info shows how well or how poorly a campaign is doing and helps you to work out the way to make things better. There are online classes that will assist you to understand how analytics work and the way to use them.

7. Get Some Experience

The only way you will get your career going is by gaining experience. You may need to do some unpaid jobs (VOLUNTEER), but this is often a worthwhile time investment with future benefits. Using the skills you acquire, help friends or community organizations with projects, and take on all types of side jobs will offer you many experiences that will help level your experience, once you start applying for long-term digital marketing jobs.

8. Get Trusted Certification

This will help you to stand out and show off your skillset in a crowd of digital marketers who could also be experienced, but not certified. It also helps you learn the necessary skills you need to stand out from the pack.

10. Be Prepared for Entry-Level Jobs

No one starts right from the top in any career, regardless of the training, skills, and knowledge they might have. You may have to start from the lowest point before breaking through to the apogee of your career.

You will likely start out as an assistant, or a junior digital marketer until you’re ready to take on more combative positions.

Salary Outlook

  • Digital marketing professional: This is between $40k and $97k.
  • Junior Digital Marketing Professionals (no-experience): $40K per year
  • A Digital Marketing Specialist (5 to 9 years of experience): $55K per year
  • Digital Marketing Manager (10+ years of experience): $97K per year
  • Then finally, Digital Marketing Freelancers: Hourly rate is between $50 – $200 per hour

Not all digital marketing positions are equivalent. Digital Marketers who have a decent scope of aptitudes and work in ‘director positions’ get paid more than trained professionals.

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Other Courses available are:

  • Software Developer – (Programming, storage, networking, security, and deployment; HTML, CSS, SQL, Javascript, Python)
  • Sales Representative – (Negotiation, CRM, new business development, B2B, storytelling, social media)
  • Project Manager – (Program management, process improvement, project performance.)
  • IT Administrator – (Manage systems, subscriptions, configuration, and identity; Windows Server, Active Directory)
  • Customer Service Specialist – (Customer satisfaction & experience, data entry, CRM, admin analysis)
  • Data Analyst – (Data analysis, analytics, visualization; Microsoft Excel, SQL, BI, Tableau)
  • IT Support/ Helpdesk – (Troubleshooting, deployment; Active Directory, computer hardware, Microsoft Windows Server)
  • Financial Analyst – (Financial analysis, risk management, accounting, analytical skills, data analysis)
  • Graphic Designer – (Design systems, layout, color; Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)

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