Core Facilities

We have different training and meeting rooms in an atmosphere suited to your training and meeting needs. Our core facilities include:


The impressive African-designed reception provides an informal meeting point where visitors / delegates can gather to relax or to continue less formal discussion.


Conference Room

Suited for management/board meeting, our fully furnished conference room offers a superior level of sophistication. Extras include a meeting table, fast internet connection, well ventilated and temperature controlled air-conditioning system, a projector and projector screen for your presentations, as well as a telephone extension.

 Conference Room: Fully furnished conference room suited for management/board meetings.

The Cedar Centre

The Cedar Centre

Configurable Multimedia Training Rooms

Our flexible and high-tech lecture/training rooms can be configured to meet specific requirements like number of seats, type of equipment and set up style.

The rooms in our facility can accommodate from 20 to 50 people, complete with broadband internet, high speed computers, projectors and more.

The flexibility in the design of our training rooms makes it possible to accommodate both small and large groups in variety of seating styles.

Our training rooms can also serve as a press conference centre, short-to-medium term training facility and exhibition centre for products / services offered by our clients / partners.

Below is a list and pictures of our lecture/training rooms:

30-Man Multimedia Training Room

30-Man Multimedia Training Room

20-Man Multimedia Training Room

20-Man Multimedia Training Room

High-Resolution Multimedia Projectors

High resolution projectors

Other Features

We have different training and meeting rooms in an atmosphere suited to your training and meeting needs. Below is a list of our amenities:

Excellent internet bandwidth for fast and reliable internet connection

High-Speed Internet/Networking Facility

Stand-by Generator

Stand-By Generators

Spacious parking space and security

Spacious Parking Space

HSE factor

Fire Extinguisher

The Cedar Centre meets the HSE regulations through the provision of fire extinguishers (dry chemical powder & carbon IV oxide), the availability of emergency lights/exits, a fire assembly point, etc.

Fire Assembly Point

Other support facilities at our facility include a cafeteria and clean conveniences (4Nos.) for both genders.

Administrative support

A professional Lonadek staff will be happy to provide reception services for your delegates / visitors at the dedicated reception area or training arena.

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